Meet The Super Wings Characters!

Do you want to learn more about Super Wings characters? Great! Because we are here to present you the adorable characters from Super Wings cartoon series. You will see that each has a unique ability and that all they form an unbeatable team. Like me, you will probably laugh and be thrilled!

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Super Wings characters: names and pictures

Wonder what the names of the Super Wings characters are? You are in the right place! Below is a Super Wings characters list, along with a brief description of each one. I hope that these can help you pick out a favorite one if you haven’t yet.

Also, if you don’t know yet, there are 30 Super Wings characters in total (as of Dec 2019), so get yourself a cup of tea and something to snack on as this is going to be a long list.

Here we go!


Voice over: Luca Padxovan (Season 1); Hudson Loverro (Season 2)
Colors: Red, White

The main character is an adorable Jet airplane. Always ready to help, he is enthusiastic and fun. As he says: “I am the smallest plane but the bravest!” One of his favorite phrases when making deliveries is: “I am Jett, always punctual.”

What he likes is high fly through the sky and help all your friends around the world. When in trouble always thinks of Super Wings and says: “It’s time to call the Super Wings” and explains his amazing friends who are planes that always help you.


Voice over: Colin Critchley
Colors: Yellow, Blue

The friendly yellow and blue plane Jett accompanies and helps in their missions. It is a very creative plane. It is excellent using any tool and can fix almost everything. What he likes Donnie is to build new things and especially to help his friends.


Voice over: Elana Caceres
Color: Green, White

Jet plane adorable green Mira is the best for water. Aquatic missions are their specialty as he is very skilled in the marine field. As she says, “when there is a problem, I throw myself ahead” You can fly anywhere, even in the depths of the blue sea. Mira loves to explore the ocean, likes much the creatures that live there, and especially loves to help his friends in missions.


Voice over: Evan Smolin
Colors: Blue, Yellow

It is a supersonic jet fighter, loves to do stunts and demonstrations in the air, but mostly complete missions with his great friend Jett. Jerome enjoys being the center of attention and can be a bit snooty, but he has the most big-hearted heart and helps others during times of need.


Voice over: Junah Jang (Season 1) and Jenna Iacono (Season 2)
Colors: Pink, White

The girl helicopter group is listed, independent and charming. He specializes in rescue activities. With its hook and rescue platform, it is unbeatable. Always willing to help and have a cable to your friends. Jett affectionately called Dizzy because her colors are pink and white.


Voice over: Madison Kelly
Color: Human

Sky is a replacement for Jimbo (and also his niece), the traffic controller, who returned in Season 3


Voice over: Gary Littman
Colors: Blue, White

It is the plane police series. It is primarily responsible for directing traffic and monitor the airport at night. Thanks to sympathetic Paul airport is always in good hands.


Voice over: J. L. Mount
Color: Human

The best traffic controller of all times and the only human in the team!


Voice over: Jason Griffith
Colors: Balck, White, Brown

It’s an exceptional plane, the plane safari. Learn all about the animals and can speak the language of each of the animals. She loves to take care of animals. A Bello, the two things she likes are the animals and helping her friends.


Voice over: Bill Raymond
Color: Orange

He is a retired scout plane who loves telling stories of his adventures. He has had a long healthy life and an exciting life. Albert the Great, what he likes is to entertain young airplanes telling their experiences.

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