Meet The Super Wings Characters!

Do you want to learn more about Super Wings heroes? Great! Because we are here to present you the adorable characters and toys from Super Wings cartoon series. You will see that each character has a unique ability and that all of them together form an unbeatable team. Like me, you will probably laugh and be thrilled!

Top 9 Super Wings Toys The Kids Love

If you in a hurry and don’t know where to buy Super Wings toys then you can use this quick list of the most popular Super Wings toys available to buy online below. We’ll update this list frequently to ensure we present the most popular items available on the market today.

Transforming Jett

transforming Jett toy
  • Most popular!
  • Transforms into Bot
  • Part of the Super wings heroes collection

World Airport Playset

  • Includes Jett and Donnie toy figures
  • Fun sounds and lights
  • Large (35″)

Transforming Jerome

  • Part of the heroes collection
  • Transforms into a bot in 10 easy steps

Jett’s Super Robot Suit

  • Includes two toy figures
  • Over 14″ tall
  • Lights and sounds

Transforming Dizzy

  • Transforms from helicopter to bot
  • Part of the heroes collection

Build-It Buddies

3 in 1 Build-It Buddies
  • Crane Extends and Pivots
  • Includes 3 figures

Donnie’s Dozer

  • Easy to transform from vehicle to bot
  • Includes Donnie’s figure

Paul’s Police Cruiser

  • Transform from robot suite to a police vehicle
  • No batteries

Astra’s Robo Rover

  • Includes 2 toy figures
  • Robot suit to a space rover

Super Wings names

Here are the names of all the Super Wings characters. Does any of these sound familiar to you? I hope that these can help you pick out a favorite one if you haven’t yet!

  • Jett (multiple teams)
  • Donnie (Build-It Buddies team)
  • Mira (Wild Team)
  • Jerome (Team Jerome team)
  • Dizzy (Rescue Riders team)
  • Sky (Airport crew)
  • Paul (Police Patrol team)
  • Jimbo (Airport crew)
  • Bello (Wild Team)
  • Astra (Galaxy Wings team)
  • Sparky (Rescue Riders team)
  • Big Wing
  • Grand Albert (Wild Team)
  • Chase
  • Todd
  • Roy
  • Flip
  • Neo
  • Poppa Wheels
  • Astro (Galaxy Wings team)
  • Zoey (Rescue Riders team)
  • Remi (Build-It Buddies team)
  • Scoop (Build-It Buddies team)
  • Rover
  • Swampy
  • Willie (Wild Team)
  • Kim (Police Patrol team)
  • Badge (Police Patrol team)
  • Sister Of Rome (Team Jerome team)
  • Jerry (Team Jerome team)

Super Wings characters

If you haven’t counted yet, there are 30 Super Wings characters in total (as of Dec 2019), and below is a full list, along with a picture and brief description. Get yourself a cup of tea and something to snack on as this is going to be a long read!

Here we go!


“On time every time!”

Voice over: Luca Padxovan (Season 1); Hudson Loverro (Season 2)
Colors: Red, White

The main character is an adorable Jet airplane. Always ready to help, he is enthusiastic and fun. As he says: “I am the smallest plane but the bravest!” One of his favorite phrases when making deliveries is: “I am Jett, always punctual.” Read more…


Super Wings Donnie toy

Voice over: Colin Critchley
Colors: Yellow, Blue

Donnie is the leader of the Build-It Buddies team (along with Remi and Scoop). The friendly yellow and blue plane Jett accompanies and helps in their missions. It is a very creative plane. It is excellent using any tool and can fix almost everything. What he likes Donnie is to build new things and especially to help his friends. Read more…


Super Wings Mira toy

Voice over: Elana Caceres
Color: Green, White

Jet plane adorable green Mira is the best for water. Aquatic missions are their specialty as he is very skilled in the marine field. As she says, “when there is a problem, I throw myself ahead” You can fly anywhere, even in the depths of the blue sea. Mira loves to explore the ocean, likes much the creatures that live there, and especially loves to help his friends in missions. Read more…


Super Wings Jerome toy

Voice over: Evan Smolin
Colors: Blue, Yellow

It is a supersonic jet fighter, loves to do stunts and demonstrations in the air, but mostly complete missions with his great friend Jett. Jerome enjoys being the center of attention and can be a bit snooty, but he has the most big-hearted heart and helps others during times of need. Read more…


Super Wings Dizzy toy

Voice over: Junah Jang (Season 1) and Jenna Iacono (Season 2)
Colors: Pink, White

The girl helicopter group is listed, independent and charming. He specializes in rescue activities. With its hook and rescue platform, it is unbeatable. Always willing to help and have a cable to your friends. Jett affectionately called Dizzy because her colors are pink and white. Read more…


Super Wings Sky toy

Voice over: Madison Kelly
Color: Human

Sky is a replacement for Jimbo (and also his niece), the traffic controller, who returned in Season 3. Read more…


Super Wings Paul toy

Voice over: Gary Littman
Colors: Blue, White

It is the plane police series. It is primarily responsible for directing traffic and monitor the airport at night. Thanks to sympathetic Paul airport is always in good hands. Read more…


Super Wings Jimbo toy

Voice over: J. L. Mount
Color: Human

The best traffic controller of all times and the only human in the team! Read more…


Super Wings Bello toy

Voice over: Jason Griffith
Colors: Balck, White, Brown

It’s an exceptional plane, the plane safari. Learn all about the animals and can speak the language of each of the animals. She loves to take care of animals. A Bello, the two things she likes are the animals and helping her friends. Read more…


Super Wings Astra toy

Voice over: Hayley Negrin
Color: White

She is an outer space expert and a leader of Galaxy Wings. Read more…


Super Wings Sparky toy

Voice over: Nathan Blaiwes
Color: Red

He goes together with Rescue Riders – the great firetruck!


Super Wings Big Wing toy

Voice over: Conor Hall
Color: Blue, White

The biggest member of a Super Wings team – is a passenger airplane. Read more…


Super Wings Grand Albert toy

Voice over: Bill Raymond
Color: Orange

He is a retired scout plane who loves telling stories of his adventures. He has had a long healthy life and an exciting life. Albert the Great, what he likes is to entertain young airplanes telling their experiences. Read more…


Super Wings Chase toy

Voice over: Will Blagrove
Color: Dark Blue

A spy plane who can transform into anything! Read more…


Super Wings Todd toy

Voice over: Joseph Ricci
Color: Brown

He does fantastic job digging holes with his drill nose. Todd is a hard-working, dedicated and responsible construction airplane. Read more…


Super Wings Roy toy

Voice over: Emma Fusco
Color: Light Blue

Roy delivers luggage at the airport and he loves to go fast! Because he is so fast, he keeps dropping bags on his way. Read more…


Super Wings Flip toy

Voice over: Jian Harrell
Color: Red

The sporty Super Wings character. He joined the series after he rescued Jett in “The Bermuda Blunder”. Read more…


Super Wings Neo toy

Voice over: Catie Harvey
Color: Yellow

Neo is a small plane Super Wings character, who works at a factory. Read more…


Super Wings Poppa Wheels toy

Voice over: Benjie Randall
Color: Yellow

Best Donnie’s assistant. This truck can transform into a robot! Read more…


Super Wings toy Astro

Voice over:  Tex Hammond
Color: White

Astra’s Twin brother – Astro! He is a great space ship from Galaxy Wings. Read more…


Super Wings Zoey toy

Voice over:  Alisha Liston
Color: Pink, White

In Super Wings, Zoey is an ambulance truck from Rescue Riders. Read more…


Super Wings Scoop toy

Voiced by:  Brysen Rush
Color: Orange

Another member of a Dinnie’s Build-It Buddies team – the excavator!


Super Wings Remi

Voiced by:  Camille Schurer
Color: Red, Yellow, Blue

Remi is a mixing truck and is part of Super Wings Build-it Buddies team. These guys are from season 3, and there’s a 3 in 1 “Build-It Buddies” playset available on Amazon (click here)


Voiced by:  Isaiah Russell-Bailey
Color: White

Rover is from Galaxy Wings team and is a lunar rover.


Voiced by: Dashiel Berk
Color: Green

Super Wings Swampy

A fun fan boat from the Wild Team!


Voiced by: Jalen K. Cassell

Another Wild Team member – Willie, the submarine who can travel on land also!


Voiced by: Araceli Prasarttongosoth

A police vehicle from the Police Patrol team.


Voiced by: Armen Taylor

In Super Wings, Badge is a police plane who is part of Police Patrol team. Badge doesn’t have ability to transform and is a tiltrotor type of plane.

Sister of Rome

Voiced by:

She is a fighter jet and Jerome’s sister. She is in Team Jerome.


Voiced by:

Jerome’s brother, Team Jerome member. Jerry is another fighter jet.

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