Astra. A star from afar!

Planets, comets, asteroids and the billions of stars in the universe are very attractive for those kids who love outer space. Believe it or not, children feel great interest in knowing about all the planets of the solar system and what’s beyond them.  Astra is a star that captivates the audience of the Super Wings series when she appears in an episode. Since her first appearance in season 2, she was well welcomed to the team.

The outer space is her home

She is the only Super Wings that doesn’t live with the others in the airport, but always knows what’s going on with life on planet Earth. This female white space plane is constantly off on adventures out of this world and became part of the team to bring a little of that adventure. Like others, she can transform from plane to bot, but Astra is a fantastic Super Wings with characteristics out of this world.


An amazing space plane

Astra is part of an unknown world that everybody wants to learn about. Astra comes to show part of it through her unique perspective and highly developed technology. When Jimbo or Sky think about what Super Wings is the best for a mission, she’s the perfect one when the thing is to deal with aliens. She has the power to scan the aliens and tell Jett if she’s seen them in the whole galaxy.

She also has an amazing space tracer. It’s very innovative and immensely powerful with great effects. You can see why Astra is part of this super team in episodes about the outer space, aliens and even robots out of control. She’ll be there to help and give happiness to kids. You can’t miss Mission on Mars. Catalina orders a package for her pen pal who lives on Mars. How can Astra help?


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