Bello and the airplane looking out for animals

The Super Wings is an animated show for children, where all the involved characters are friendly and heroic airplanes, jets and helicopters who are responsible to fulfill a really important task; to deliver packages and presents to children all over the world. So, with the responsibility to cross long distance in order to arrive far away and exotic lands, they help each other all the time.
Continuing, Jett is the main character and the one actually traveling many countries, villages and towns to deliver the proper packages, learning also about the culture of the visited place, as well as linguistic expressions and more. Of course, there are other characters like Jerome, Dizzy, Paul, Grand Albert and Donnie, all of them with different skills and unique attributes to help the team.
Well, another character of the Super Wings is Bello; a friendly and quite special airplane with unique abilities, which are going to be addressed and explained in more details later on, along with his personality, love for living creatures and how he can help the Super Wings in relation to unexpected situations, which are always frequent when delivering packages is in process.

Bello as the most unique airplane of the Super Wings
In details, Bello is a special airplane for one reason; he has a unique bound respecting animals and living creatures. For example, he can understand all types of codes they use to communicate with each other, regardless of the specific breed or species. So, Bello can understand from mammals and insects to creatures from the sea, along with others existing on the planet earth.
In so, missions including animals or situations related are perfect for Bello, since he will always know what to do in these cases. Also, he is able to make creatures helping the team in certain occasion, thanks to their unique abilities in terms of size, weight and more. In this way, troubles of this sort are always covered by Bello and his extraordinary abilities.

Of course, maybe there are not as much situations related with animals as it happens with other things, but this does not mean Bello is not important for the team. On the contraire, Jett always counts on him and his willing to help the team any day, regardless of the circumstance. Since, every member of the Super Wings is important for so many reasons.
Bello and his fun looks
In relation to the exterior, Bello is like and old airplane model with a frontal helix as a nose, being painted as a zebra or safari theme, with black and white stripes all over his body. So, Bello´s exterior corresponds quite right to his abilities and love for animal, being a safari airplane who can contact and understand any creature on the planet.
So, Bello teaches children and the audience of the Super Wings real love for animals; an important value to learn at early ages with no doubt, along with the importance of taking care of the environment and other related matters.

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