Big Wing. The biggest Super Wings

Super Wings is a cartoon where the magic of airplanes that can talk and move takes place. It’s a fantastic world that children love. Not only because the cartoon is fresh and fun, but all planes, airplane bots, trains and trucks live daily adventures together. Big Wing is a character that wishes to say “Big Wing, transform!”, but it’s just impossible. He’s a huge plane with a different mission.

Going around the world

Although he doesn’t transform into robot mode, Super Wings love him and kids will do it, too. His mission in the series is to give the team a hand in case they need to carry passengers. He has frequent appearances in the episodes sharing and playing with the Super Wings or cameos showing his size and speed when flying.

Big Wing

He is a very big blue and white plane. He’s the typical jumbo passenger plane that can be seen at all airports to go around the world. Compared to his size, the Super Wings look small, but it’s funny to see how scared he gets in front of little animals. Jimbo’s hamster is terribly scary for him.

A real co-star

There are episodes that show him having a good time with the Super Wings. When playing tug of war, he doesn’t need a team to prove his strength against the other team. It’s so easy for him to win all games, but they play together anyway to have fun.

There’s an episode with a surprise for him. He’s invited to help Jett to accomplish the mission of making three kids very happy. In Peru, a country in South America, there are three kids with Jett that have always had the dream of flying together. Unfortunately, Jett can’t carry passengers, but Jimbo immediately decides that Big Wing is the best for giving this important ride.


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