Chace. The special agent

If the Super Wings is already a total hit program for kids, with the new characters in season 2 is just more popular. Like its characters, this cartoon has transformed, too. It’s gone from big to a huge success. Chace is part of it. The male dark blue spy plane has added very exciting components: gadgets and more gadgets. This make-believe character has all children’s attention in all his appearances in the episodes.

One of the coolest in the fleet

All Super Wings can transform from planes to bots, but Chace goes far beyond that. Kids get excited waiting to see what kind of vehicle he will be. Nearly all Super Wings can adopt a minimum of two forms, but Chace can transform into almost anything, and kids definitely enjoy that.


He can be a plane, a robot, an all-terrain vehicle, a submarine and even a passenger vehicle. His capacity of transformation is amazing, and undoubtedly this helps to ease every team’s worries about solving any kind of problem. He’s ready for the new challenges and secret missions that the Super Wings have to face.

Finding the perfect gadget

Chace has the best equipment, and his smartness and confidence make him a very special agent member of the Super Wings. Apart from being able to transform into different types of vehicles, he has many high-tech and interesting gadgets. The important thing is to find the perfect gadget for the mission, that’s what it is all about.

In the cool episode where he helped Jett to escape from the belly of a giant whale, he shows all his capacity of transformation and all the tools he has. From masks with special radars to gadgets to grind fruit that made the big sea animal sneeze and save his friends. Chace is the right pick to accomplish any mission, but especially those that need different robots in one.


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