Paul – the cop airplane of the Super Wings

As an animated series for children, the Super Wings is a show that emphasizes values and other positives things, teaching them how to be kind, loyal, creative, friendly, and brave, among other important behavior children must learn at their early age. So, all the characters appearing in the Super Wings show different kind of values through their distinct personalities and features.

For example, there is Jett as the leader of the Super Wings; being brave, smart and with a great sense of justice and the solution of problem, there is also Dizzy; the female helicopter who love to help her friends of the team, being quite independent, strong and also very kind and sympathetic. Of course, there are other important characters in the series with different skills.

However, today we are going to focus on Paul; the character that has the responsibility to show all the audience the sense of justice, moral and do the right thing, throughout his police uniform. Like this, Paul is a unique character in the series and establish some other different characteristic in terms of behavior and personality, in direct comparison with the others.

Paul and his function in the Super Wings series

For starts, Super Wings is about a group of airplanes that are friend, which at the same time have the task to deliver different packages to children all around the world, going to the six continents and faraway lands. So, all the members of the Super Wings team help Jett to deliver all the presents, in terms of any given situations with their special skills.

Nevertheless, Paul is the one always remaining in the airport where Jett, Dizzy, Mira, Grand Albert and the others live, controlling the traffic and monitor the whole place to avoid any trouble. When something happens, Paul is the first one to see it and he has all the knowledge and power to address any dangerous situation, thanks to his sense of duty.

Despites of staying in the airport the whole time, Paul is an important character because of his function in the series, as well as representing the authority; concept that is imperative to address and show to children and general audience.

Paul and his abilities

Paul is an airplane patrol or cop, so his exterior looks are according to this position; blue and white are his colors, having also a great siren on top of his head, which he can turn on any given time and letting know others that he is working and something is happening. Also, when Paul is controlling the traffic or watching for the airport he can use his internal radio.

In this way, the airport is always at great hands with Paul while Jett and the others are delivering the corresponding package, since he has an honest and collaborative personality, being the bravest and most heroic on the Super Wings world, thanks to Paul´s position as the main authority in the show. Therefore, he is one of the most beloved character In the series.


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