Dizzy is the capable helicopter in Super Wings

Super Wings is nowadays a successful animated show, where some heroic airplanes appear to deliver all kinds of packages and presents to children around the world, from Europe to Latin America and Africa, having plenty of adventures where they have to help each other in order to achieve their task, which can become quite dangerous and challenging across the planet.
To fulfill their primary task delivering the packages to the children on every country they are assigned to, the Super Wings are a skilled group with nice and powerful members. For example, Dizzy is one of them; a female helicopter with plenty of abilities and intense personality, which we are going to explain you in more details, since she is one important and cute character.
Getting to know Dizzy a little bit more
First of all, Dizzy is a pink and white helicopter that belongs to the Super Wings, helping Jett and the others to deliver packages worldwide when troubles arrive. In the same order of ideas, Dizzy is the only character who is not an airplane, but she is great, independent and quite charming, always willing to offer help and support to Jett and the rest of the team.

Continuing, Dizzy has a specialized skill that results very helpful for the Super Wings; she is the one having a hook and a rescue platform, being the proper member to save their friends from any danger or uncomfortable situation, thanks to her rescue tools. Because of that, Dizzy appears on several Super Wings episodes, supporting the team on any extraordinary situation.
In relation to her physical description, Dizzy has big and kind eyes, she is pink with white details and sure she is the favorite character of any girl who watches the show. Although, being Dizzy a cute and delicate female character does not mean she is not brave or strong, on the contraire, Dizzy is very independent, with a lot of courage and sacrifices, as would be the other characters.
Dizzie and other details
When it comes to friendship, Dizzy is one the best and most loyal of the group, being very close to Jett; the leader of the team and the real responsible of delivering every assigned packaged, regardless of its destination, country, state, city or continent. In fact, Jett calls her “Dizz” and they are always together at the airport, as well as when he is on a delivery journey.

In the same way, Dizzy always listens very carefully the tales Grand Albert likes to tell, because of his experience and she always is very kind and sensitive, proper characteristic of her nice nature and loyal personality. So, Dizzy is a character that really stands out among the others.
Concluding, Dizzy is a great character and with plenty of good features, along with excellent tools to help her friends in dangerous situations, what makes her one of the most beloved character in the Super Wings show, being the favorite among girls since they can relate themselves to her kind nature.

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