Donnie is the repairer of the Super Wings

Jett and his friends are the Super Wings; a group of airplanes, helicopters and jets with the responsibility or task to deliver packages and presents to children around the world, from close nations to faraway lands in other continents. Being so, the heroic team live plenty of great adventures and risky situations, where all of them have to help each other to continue.
In the same way, this South Korean animated series emphasizes team work, solidarity, generosity, love, loyalty, as well as creativity, problem solving and other important values and skills that are imperative for children to learn at early age, being represented through the different characters and their personalities, as well as other great characteristics for children to see in the show.
For example, one of the most friendly and useful characters is Donnie; a funny airplane that can fix anything he want, as well as create it in short time, and today we are going to talk about in more details, in relation to his personality, abilities, characteristics and his importance for the Super Wings team.

The important labor of Donnie
To begin with, Donnie is a yellow airplane with blue details and the main ability to fix almost anything, from mechanical failures of the other team members, as well as other structures and vehicles. Also, Donnie knows how to use every tool he has on his wings and build what he wants, from bases and platforms to change spares on their friends.
Because of that, Donnie is Jett´s first choice when he is having trouble with his internal mechanics, as well as the others and their corresponding reparations, along with other situations when something has to be built and set in motion to help the team on certain situations. For example, when there are problems and some member is in the need of some tool to keep flying.

Since, Donnie can build almost anything he imagines in first place; from moving platforms and other tools, he is very important for the team because he is the one making possible to keep flying and deliver the packages when failures appear, which are always possible in their engine, wings and other parts, along with other risky situation that can represent damage.
Other information about Donnie
Donnie is quite friendly, helpful and collaborative when it comes to support his team. In relation to his personality, he is maybe a little quiet and not the center of attention in any case, unlike maybe Jerome or Jett who are more enthusiastic and loud.
So, Donnie likes to keep calm and await for his call to support the team, loving helping them on any opportunity he has and with unconditional sense of duty, always willing to travel great distances to assist Super Wings.
Like this, Donnie represents the creativity and the ability to solve problems, as well as to fix things with skilled and advance knowledge, combining these two important aptitudes in one important feature, which is important for the team to always fulfill its task and deliver presents for the children.

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