Flip. The athletic Super Wings

Super Wings is a successful cartoon that has known to give kids the right elements to be on the top of their favorite programs. The secret to keeping children engaged has a lot to do with the fantastic features of all its characters. This is because each character has something different and cool to offer. Flip is not an exception and in Super Wings season 2, he’s become a favorite one.

The newest member

Although he is the newest member of the team and still has much to learn, the Super Wings character of the blue baseball cap has gained popularity since his first appearance. No doubt one of the reasons is that in a way Flip represents the fantastic world of sports. Although sports is a different idea to everyone in the world, most of kids love doing physical activities.


Flip has athletic skills and knows a lot about sports. He enjoys basketball, soccer and tennis. The most important thing is that this love and knowledge of sports help the team to get through hard times. Applying some sports strategies makes it easier and quick to solve problems with his friends.

Flip is an invaluable aid

This Super Wings becomes an invaluable aid when teaching children not to see sports as an obsession about winning, but fun and teamwork. That’s his role in the series. He’s very experienced when talking about the Bermuda Triangle, too. In fact, this is where he met Super Wings and helped them to find Jett that has had kind of an accident.

He showed his skill and courage in a mission that the team considered too risky for such a young plane like him. Caught in a storm, he showed them what he was made of and won their admiration. Eventually, with some modifications, Sky introduces him as a new member of the Super Wings.


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