The grandpa of the Super Wings: Grand Albert

The Super Wings are the heroes of the sky, being Jett, Dizzy, Donnie, Jerome, Mira, Paul and Bello the main characters and members of this super team, which is responsible to carry out a very important task; delivering packages to children worldwide, covering many nations and foreign lands with the help of each other, facing challenging and dangerous situations every time.
So, every member of the Super wings team has specific and unique characteristics and abilities to support and help Jett delivering the packages safely. For example, Dizzy is a talented and independent helicopter with a useful hook and platform; Jerome is a fast supersonic jet who can travel great distances in short time, and Donnie; a friendly airplane who can fix almost anything.
However, there is a character who is different from the rest of the team; Grand Albert, being the most experienced and older member of the Super Wings team, giving some other type of abilities and advices to Jett and the others. Nevertheless, let us speak a little bit more deep into Grand Albert and how he is a character of the show, as well as physical description and personality.

Knowing a little more about the grandpa of the Super Wings
To begin with, Grand Albert can be considered as the grandpa of the members of the team, due to his age and experience. In fact, he loves telling stories about his life and adventures to Jett, Jerome, Dizzy and anyone who listens. So, according to the stories he tell the others he is a retired airplane, with plenty of certifications and accreditations on his career as an aircraft.
Also, being the oldest air plane in the show, Grand Albert also provides valuable advices to Jett and the others in relation to the missions and delivering process, telling them what to do on certain specific situations that he faced before in some occasion. So, his opinion and expertise are always considered by all the members of the Super Wings team.

Of course, due to his retired nature respecting missions and others, Grand Albert does not fly anymore and he remains in the airport, looking out with Paul the missions of the team in the sky and helping them whatever they can. In fact, many of the deliveries and dangerous in other nations and countries were solved by Grand Albert, being quite respected by the team.
Other things about Grand Albert
In relation to the exterior, Grand Albert is a retired aircraft painted in mustard yellow with white details, a big frontal helix as old airplanes and great size. Since, Grand Albert is the biggest of the member of the Super Wings, so he really stands out next to the others respecting total size.
Grand Albert represents the grandpa of the other members in the series, showing the importance and respect these type of characters should have in real life, thanks to the vast experience they have, along with other learned stuff they know and like to share with others, being always quite valuable listening to them.

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