Jerome: The supersonic jet of the Super Wings

The Super Wings is a famous and successful animated show from South Korea, where a group of airplanes, jets and helicopters appear to deliver transcendental and important packages to children all around the world, from Europa to America and Asia. Because of that, these great characters have developed a beautiful friendship with each other, thanks to many adventures.
In details, Jett is the main character of the show and responsible of the delivery process. Nevertheless, he is in the need of his team to complete the assigned task, because of the many dangerous situations and risks Jett has to face going to a new country. But, in his rescue there is always a friendly and noisy supersonic jet; we are talking about the mighty Jerome.
The blue jet that likes to call attention a lot
First of all, Jerome is a powerful supersonic jet that can fly quite fast and reach the speed of sound. Also, he loves to do tricks in the air like an exhibitionist airplane, loving the attention he gets from there. Of course, this does not mean Jerome would not help his team and friends on their primary task; in fact, he loves to help and is always ready for action anywhere.

Since, Jerome can reach the speed of sound Jett always considering him the best choice to help, getting to the place really fast, regardless of the country where the package has to be delivered. In terms of personality, Jerome can be considered a little loud and he likes to be the center of attention, although his heart is in the right place and he is always willing to help.
Extra information to know about Jerome
So, Jerome is a blue supersonic jet with yellow details, big nose and powerful engine, giving him the opportunity to reach good speed in the air, as well as allowing him to do tricks the others cannot do. For that reason, Jerome is an absolute favorite for children worldwide who enjoy the show, being always the preferred hero airplane along Jett; his best friend.

In fact, those two love to complete missions and they are great friends, always willing to help each other and the team, having great ideas to solve problems and risky situations that frequently appear on Jett´s journeys to deliver the important packages all around the planet, making children very happy to receive their present.
Because of being a powerful and fast jet, Jerome appears in several episodes of the show and when he does fun is secure, with his tricks in the air and explosive personality, which is hard to not notice in first place, being his favorite thing to be the center of the attention, but with a loyal heart and having always his duty on sight; to help the team and Jett on everything he can.
Like this, Jerome is one of the most beloved characters in the Super Wings show, thanks to his personality, powerful engine and speed, as well as having a great heart and good will.

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