Jett – the main character in Super Wings

When it comes to animated series for children, one of the most famous nowadays is Super Wings; show that present us some funny and nice airplanes and jets as main characters, which have the responsibility to deliver presents and packages to children all over the world. Of course, this task may be a little hard to fulfill without loyal friends, as well as a great leader to begin with.

Well, in this case we are going to talk about that leader of the Super Wings; Jett, the main character and airplane in charge of the whole delivery process. Because of that, Jett has some incredible abilities and characteristics regarding his personality, being a real hero that enjoys helping others, call their friends to the rescue and deliver corresponding packages to children.

Jett is the leader of the Super Wings and the bravest hero

To begin with, Jett is a red and white painted airplane with enthusiastic and fun personality, always caring about his friend and children around the world. Since, Jett is the one responsible to deliver presents and packages for children worldwide, regardless of the cost this process may have.

In relation to the delivery procedure, Jimbo is the one assigning Jett the corresponding country, state and city where the packages should be delivered, because there are so many different nations and villages around the world, Jimbo shows Jett at least two characteristics regarding language expression, as well as culture, and other features of the new place to go.

Details about Jett

Being Jett the main character and the one who delivers the packages to all children on the planet, he often is in danger or faces obstacles on his way to the place he has been assigned.

That is why, he is the leader of the Super Wings; a type of supporting squad of friends that Jett is in charge, with different characters and diverse abilities they can use to help his captain to deliver the packages the way it is supposed to. Like this, they live great adventures together and they help each other on everything they can, thanks to their specific abilities.

For example, there are Dizzy, Jerome, Donnie, Mira, Paul and others, with features like having hooks and rescue platforms to use, supersonic speed, the ability to fix and use any tool, and even the skill to get into the water and solve problems that involve sinking or drowning. Therefore, Jett is always supported by a great team, in order to face any obstacles on his journeys.

Nevertheless, Jett is the main character and most amazing hero on the Super Wings, thanks to his intelligence, bravery and courage, having always great ideas on dangerous situations. In fact, Jett is the only character that appears on the show on every episode, since the others appear sporadically.

So, Super Wings is definitely the best series for your children to watch, thanks to characters like Jett that shows real friendship, leadership, bravery and other values that are very important to learn on early ages.

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