Jimbo. The best air traffic controller!

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Super Wings is a delightful cartoon that means to kids the opportunity to be for a while in their world of imagination. No doubt flying is the best thing that could ever happen to a child. While playing in their bedrooms, you see pilots flying and imitating the sound of real planes all around or paper planes waiting directions from the control tower. So it’s fly time! And the best air traffic controller of the iconic World Airport is here for you.

Time to make a kid happy!

“Jimbo, what you’ve got for me today?” That’s the question that Jett asks Jimbo with excitement. This air traffic controller is the one in charge of giving Jett the important mission of the day. Besides, he’d tell Jeff how to be friendly saying “Hello” or “Cool” in the language of the country he is going to.


All he has to say is “All systems go, go, go, and go!” and that will be enough for the main character of Super Wings to take off. Jett flies so fast that it’ll take just some seconds to be in the place and give happiness to a kid waiting for the special package. Being at the place, there’s always something that Jett will help to solve, but not alone. Jimbo is the one who chooses the best Super Wings for the task that is always successfully solved!

A nice and smart air traffic controller

This nice and chubby human character shows all his capabilities and knowledge about having access to information, tracking deliveries and solving Jett’s notifications and alerts on the go. He loves working with all Super Wings, and he’s been with them since the very first episode of the series. In season 2, he decides to take a well-deserved vacation, and someone really special takes his place as the traffic controller.


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    Jimbo is one of my son’s favorite characters! Absolutely shocked that he was replaced for season two. It was a terrible decision to change such an iconic character that brought such great and charming interactions and phrases. The niece, a ditzy lackluster replacement, is a complete and utter disappointment, and I say that as a woman and a mom. Now we only play season one because my son is left disheartened and waiting for Jimbo to appear in the episodes where Jimbo is not there to say his famous deployment phrase. Lost a huge little fan for further seasons of the show if Jimbo never returns from his “vacation”. I’m sure we’re not the only fans that think like this. Please bring Jimbo back!

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