Mira and her useful skills for the Super Wings

When it comes to animated series for children these days, one to stand out is definitely the Super Wings; show where friendly and heroic airplanes are the main characters, which have the responsibility to make happy children around the world, by delivering those amazing presents and packages to them, no matter if they are in a foreign land or exotic country.

In order to achieve their goal, the Super Wing members have different skills to face all sort of dangerous situations. For example, Jett is the main leader and direct airplane in charge to deliver the packages for the children worldwide, receiving the instructions about where to go to from Jimbo.

In relation, there are other members such as Dizzy; a girl helicopter with platforms and a hook to rescue others on extreme situations, Jerome; the supersonic jet with fast engine and enthusiastic personality, and Donnie; the repairer and creative builder of almost anything. Well, there is another character that results quite important to call; Mira, the skilled airplane girl.

Mira and her abilities

In details, Mira is a girl in the group along with Dizzy but with a great difference; the first one is an airplane and the second one is a helicopter. So, they are the girls of the team but regarding personality and skills are quite different. Since, Mira is an airplane with the skill to navigate and even dive in into the water, so she is the perfect member to address missions on the sea.

Therefore, Mira feels a lot of respect and love for aquatic animals and she would do anything to protect them, regardless of the circumstance. Of course, her primary mission is to help the other members of the Super Wings team, being there when she is called by Jett and the others for her skilled in the water and risks related to it.

So, Mira is a very important character to count on by the team, since Jett and other have to make journeys across great distances and continents, with nothing but water between them and frequently adventures and situations are presented in such strange and exotic waters, where Mira can dive in and investigate better than anyone else.

Other details about Mira and her personality

Physically, Mira is an airplane painted in green with yellow details and with Dizzy, they are the two girls of the Super Wings team. Nevertheless, that is not a reason to think Mira would not be as tough as the others. On the contraire, she is quite strong, decided and brave to face any type of danger, even more if her friend or animals from the sea are involved in danger.

Because of it, Mira is one of the most preferred characters of the whole show, being loved by girls who enjoy the series on every transmitted episode, along with Dizzy as the other girl in the Super Wings. Like this, the team always count on Mira and her special and specific abilities involving water, great seas and all the risks involved.


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