Poppa Wheels. A helping hand

Airports play an important role in all countries. The transportation of passengers and cargo that come and go all over the world happens there. Planes are not the only essential elements, you can see push back tugs, shuttle buses and cargo trucks. Of course, in the fantastic airport of the Super Wings, it is also this way. Poppa Wheels is a truck that lives in this marvelous airport.

Two Super Wings very alike

Referring to physical appearance, Poppa Wheels and Donnie are very alike. Because of this and his voice, children immediately infer that Poppa is Donnie’s dad. Both of them are yellow and blue and work together. Despite being able to transform into robots, they are different. Donnie is an amphibious aircraft and Poppa Wheels is a truck.

To stay on topic and focus on their similarities, they are in charge of making sure everything works properly. Donnie is really good at repairing and building a variety of things, and Poppa Wheels works as Donnie’s assistant keeping and carrying them where required.

A helping hand for the team

Poppa Wheels is part of the daily adventures and a helping hand for the team. He is always near the team giving support when needed. He is in charge of the transportation of all that cargo that gets heavy and the Super Wings can’t carry with them all the time.

In those episodes in which the airplane team needs the robot suits that Donnie has built for them, Poppa Wheels has no problem taking them wherever the Super Wings are. Although he has no wings, he has fast wheels that make him and important part of the team. With his capacity of transforming into a bot, he’s always available and ready in case the Super Wings need him.


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