Roy. A Super Wings with no wings

One of the strategies that the Super Wings series uses to focus all the kid’s attention on each episode is fun and entertainment. Each episode is an opportunity for kids to enjoy and laugh at the funny things that take place at the airport. Roy is a very nice character that makes a huge contribution to having amusing situations and episodes. Although he is not a Super Wings itself, this light blue luggage tug is an important part of the team.

A nice luggage tug

Roy is a cheerful tug that works at the airport. He is in charge of delivering bags and suitcases to passengers and most important of all to take to the control room all the special packages that Jett and the team will deliver to all parts of the world.


He is very productive and doesn’t want to be behind schedule. So he’s always in a hurry and kids laugh a lot because he turns too fast dropping luggage along the way. He has three cars to place all the personal belongings of the passengers. With his expressive blue eyes and two lights on his head, he’s constantly moving on his own and talking.

Flying has always been in his dreams

He is always so cheerful that looking at him feeling sad breaks the Super Wings’ hearts. So they’ve given Roy the opportunity of living the most exciting experiences. There’s an episode in which Roy tells Jerome that flying is always in his dreams. With a rope, Jerome takes Roy to do stunts in the air.

He saw his dreams come true, but he definitely preferred to land and continue doing what he’s good at. Santorini Choo Choo is another episode you can’t miss. Enjoy with Roy the first time that he’s officially sent to Jett’s aid. Although he doesn’t have wings, he’s so happy to be part of the team.


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