Sammy. A cute lift truck

The Super Wings series is definitely a successful program for children. Its popularity has reached countries in different continents, so it’s been translated into different languages. Kids all over the world have shown they like the amazing airport of the Super Wings and all the stories that take place there in each episode. Sammy is a cute lift truck that lives at the airport and takes part of the daily tasks.

Super lift truck

We are not talking about a Super Wings at all, but Sammy is part of the team that makes possible the development of the adventures. The environment of an airport is really hectic. Suitcases, bags, packages and boxes that go and come. Someone has to be in charge of organizing and distributing all those boxes. In this case, it’s not a Super Wings the one with this mission, but the Super lift truck Sammy.


Sammy is little and compact. This bright yellow lift truck has very quick movements and looks really cheerful. You can see Sammy organizing boxes and being very productive in the big depot of the airport.

At the World Airport

The assignment of all missions take place at the World Airport. All episodes start and end there. There’s no an episode with a different starting place. Those moments are the opportunities for the Super Wings to interact with other characters of the series. Sammy is a minor character whose appearances are not so frequent.

However, each appearance steals the scene. There’s an episode where the Super Wings go into the depot and see Sammy kind of sad. When they ask what’s going on, the answer has to do with being bored and tired of lifting heavy boxes. The advice was the best! Some music to cheer up. Sammy definitely steals the scene with the best dance while working.


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