Sky. The new air traffic controller

Children can continue dreaming of taking to the skies with their best friends Super Wings. One of the most beloved characters of the series is on vacation, but that’s not reason to stop delivering packages all over the world. In season 2, Sky is very well welcomed to be the new air traffic controller. Jimbo’s niece will be the key to making deliveries efficiently and on time. So welcome to a new Super Wings season!

An expert young traffic controller

She is a very young girl that shows how skilled she is at the airport computer. Despite being so young, she’s been all around the world and knows everything about the countries. She is in charge now of giving Jett very important and specific details for his daily missions.


She’s the only human at the airport and the main air traffic controller. Like Jimbo, she’s the heart of the control room and calls Jett from the airport loudspeaker in order to give him all the information about the requested delivery. Besides preparing him at the start of every episode, she’ll send the right help to complete the mission.

A total cool member of the team

This very young girl will be definitely adored by kids. She is the kind of girl who everybody falls in love with. Sky is charismatic and has a cool style. All girls want to look stylish and love to have nice nail designs. Well, she’ not the exception. She presses all control buttons with her fingers showing cute pink nail paint. Apart from her cool style, she also brings high tech.

She’s always on her cool hoverboard that resembles a skateboard and lets her float on air. Sky also uses a holographic virtual screen, so kids will learn the characteristics of places with images floating in the middle of the air. This girl with beautiful green eyes is the fresh and bright member of Super Wings.


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