Todd. A new Super Wings

Todd Super Wings. Super Wings has introduced the best ideas for its new characters for season 2. No doubt all children love Jett, Donnie, Dizzie, Jerome, Paul, Mira, Bello and the beloved Grand Albert, but these new characters bring with them very nice features that promise different and great adventures. Todd is part of the fresh fleet, and all children that like construction machines will love him.

A Super Wings with a special nose

Those kids that like playing with diggers and excavators can’t miss any of the episodes where Todd is the chosen Super Wings to help Jett to accomplish the mission. There are a lot of situations in which digging could be the key to solve a problem. If that’s the case, Todd will be the first option when Sky makes the choice.

Todd Super Wings

Todd’s most relevant characteristic is his special yellow nose. That’s a powerful tool when excavation and digging are required. He has a large drill nose that makes easy diving into the dirt. Jett knows that Todd is there to help him when he listens to him saying: Need help? Todd can dig it!

Spinning could be great help

This male brown construction plane with a hard hat uses his nose as a drill that can dig holes and unblock the way. He doesn’t mind getting dirty, and being underground is a pleasure for him. Spinning his nose is good help for some tasks that need to be done. For example, Todd helps Donnie screwing in bolts for him.

Besides this, there are episodes where spinning his nose has been very useful. A cable around his nose can be a powerful tug when he starts spinning around and around. Screwing in bolts, digging for buried treasures, tugging and making holes are some of the amazing things that children will definitely enjoy in Todd’s construction episodes.


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